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Trophy Peacocks in Amazon Headwaters

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Mission Statement  — Floating Bungalows

Try a Peacock Bass Fishing Trip in our Floating Bungalow Camp
Acute Angling’s primary goal in the use of our shallow-drafting Floating Bungalow system is to access waters that have the potential to yield trophy peacock bass - the ultimate in Amazon fishing excitement.

Our Floating Bungalow Operation Mission

Our Floating Bungalows draft only a foot of water, giving us the ability to transport them into waters that have the best potential to yield trophy peacock bass; the ultimate in peacock bass fishing excitement.  We will expend our efforts, first and foremost, to place our operation in the most productive trophy waters and to give you the opportunity to experience a one-of-a-kind Amazon adventure. With this accomplished, our staff will strive to provide a level of comfort and service that will make you forget just how far from civilization you are.

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