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Peacock Bass Fishing - Rio Tucano Giants

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Earl Hancock with a 25 pound peacock bass
Earl Hancock with a 27 pound peacock bass (Click to Enlarge)

Here there be giants.

Our headwaters floating bungalow trips have yielded enormous trophy peacock bass, like Earl Hancock's 27 pound monster.

And this beautiful 26 pounder! Our floating bungalows can access headwaters regions where other types of operations simply can't go. These amazing fisheries hold some of the largest peacock bass we've ever encountered. This may be where the next world record peacock bass comes from. 

Paul Reiss with a 26 pound peacock bass
Paul Reiss with a 26 pound trophy peacock bass (Click to Enlarge)

Imagine a peacock bass fishery where you’ve spent an entire morning pounding the waters with your oversized prop bait and caught only six fish.  Sounds like a pretty blah morning, doesn’t it?  But you’re grinning from ear to ear.  How is that possible?  Well, when the smallest fish you caught weighed 9 pounds, it’s awfully easy!  Especially when the biggest weighed in at a hefty 21 pounds. The violent explosion of bad tempered monster peacocks is what drives otherwise sane anglers to the most remote fringes of the Amazon basin.  A trophy like any of those six would be a great result on any peacock bass trip.  Six times in a single morning is pretty much an overdose for even the most addicted angler, but it has happened to me and it can, and has, when conditions come together, happened to others on our floating bungalow trips.

23 pound peacock bass
A 23 pound peacock bass (Click to Enlarge)
A 24 pound peacock bass (Click to Enlarge)
A 22 pound peacock bass (Click to Enlarge)
Giant peacock bass
A 21 pound peacock bass (Click to Enlarge)

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