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Variety Species in Amazon Headwaters

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Variety Bungalow Trip

  Giant Aruana
     Nowhere else can you find an exotic trip like this at a price even remotely close. Adventure and excitement all in one trip!   Good daily catch averages (from 20 - 50 or more Cichla pinima peacocks a day). Trophy peacocks in the teens are found here; plus acrobatic apapá, huge aruana, sorubim, filhote and giant redtail catfish. Enjoy the comfort, convenience and security of our mobile floating bungalows; a refined trip mechanism that provides amazing jungle comfort!  Enjoy excellent meals, private bathrooms, hot showers and air-conditioning. Experience the exclusivity of floatplane access and the excitement of casting to virgin waters with the Amazon’s foremost fishing experts. Double Occupancy Trip Configuration - Space is limited to 8 anglers per group, float-plane only access, roomy A/C cooled cabins, private bathrooms and hot showers. Acute Angling Amazon Floating Bungalow camp

New - Variety Bungalow Trip - Enjoy Amazon Lowlands Variety on our Floating Bungalows in a September fishery.
     This might be the best bargain in the Amazon.  Experience, a remote, exotic fishery in the heart of the planet’s most primeval wilderness for less than the cost of puttering around after Florida’s little-bitty butterfly peacocks in the shadow of Miami’s airport. And you get oh so much more! The peacocks here (Cichla pinima) are much bigger than  Florida’s (up to 17 pounds) with excellent numbers (15 to 40 per day is typical).  Cichla pinima is the same species found in the Rio Marmelos.  You can  catch them here and more of them, for way less! Amazon peacock bassJust as comfortable and remote as our regular bungalow trips, this trip boasts unusually broad variety. The Rio Piranima surprised us with its species richness. It yields three giant catfish species (redtails to 100 lbs., sorubim to 30 lbs. and filhote to well over 100 lbs.). To our delight we also encountered some of the biggest aruana we’ve ever seen. And to add a bit of sauce on top of this casserole, the Piranima also holds apapá, the Amazon’s biggest sardines. Ever catch a violent, top-water-blasting SARDINE? Probably not, unless you’ve explored the Amazon. 


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