Rio Negro Tributaries - Shallow Draft - Remote Headwaters Access - Good Numbers - High Trophy Potential

Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing Trips-Floating Bungalows

Rio Negro Tributaries - Shallow Draft - Remote Headwaters Access - Good Numbers - High Trophy Potential

Mission Statement

Our Floating Bungalows draft only a foot of water, giving us the ability to transport them into less-accessible waters that have the best potential to yield trophy peacock bass; the ultimate in peacock bass fishing excitement. We will expend our efforts, first and foremost, to place our operation in the most productive trophy waters and to give you the best opportunity to experience a one-of-a-kind Amazon adventure. With this accomplished, our staff will strive to provide a level of comfort and service that will make you forget just how far from civilization you are.

Rio Negro Basin — From mid-October through March, the bungalows move within the giant Rio Negro basin, focusing on trophy fish and good numbers.

Try a Peacock Bass Fishing Trip in our Floating Bungalow Camp
Acute Angling’s primary goal in the use of our shallow-drafting Floating Bungalow system is to access waters that have the potential to yield trophy peacock bass - the ultimate in Amazon fishing excitement.


Camp Type Unit Dimensions Propulsion Draft Max. # of Anglers Mobility Generators Dining Room
Aluminum Hulled Floating Bungalows 3 meters (10 feet)
by 5 m (15 feet)
Powered towboat less than one foot 8 Anglers up to 35 miles/day Main MWM 40Kwa
Back-up 20 Kwa

Built to go where others can't —Acute Angling’s fly-in floating bungalow operation is one of the most versatile tools in our arsenal of peacock bass access techniques. Our mission, somewhat like Star Trek's Enterprise is "to go where no one has ever gone before". Of course, we don't have the entire universe to wander, but we have created the means to access some of the most remote places remaining on this planet. Needing only a foot of water to navigate, our floating bungalows can find their way to optimal fishing conditions, from headwaters to secondary tributaries, in peacock bass holding floodplain fisheries. Where big yachts can't go and where fixed operations won't serve the purpose, our floating bungalows provide the perfect blend of mobility and infrastructure to ensure that we can provide the ultimate fishing experience with a surprising degree of comfort and total security.

  1. Air-conditioned, insulated floating bungalows. Each unit has big wide windows and fans. You choose your own personal comfort zone - enjoy fresh, cool evening air or chill out with your individually controlled air conditioner.
  2. Private bathrooms w/sink, toilet and fan. Separate, hot shower stall in each cabin.
  3. 110 VAC outlets at each bed. Use a CPAP or charge your electronics as needed.
  4. Roomy (10' x 15') cabins with room to relax and plenty of storage space.
  5. Two meter high ceilings. No ducking necessary for six-footers.
  6. Unique, motorized dining boat. Breezy and comfortable. Enjoy great meals in a waterfront ambiance..
  7. Bungalows may move (when appropriate) while you’re out fishing to enable exploration, optimization of conditions or access to new waters.
  8. Bungalows are parked, whenever possible, on beautiful, white sand beaches when you return. Enjoy a barefoot beach holiday
  9. Extremely shallow draft - a foot of water is all we need. Allows access to otherwise inaccessible headwaters areas.
  10. Smoke-free cabins and indoor areas.
  11. Open bar, appetizers and snacks available at all times.
  12. Wide-screen seminar and meeting space. Learn, share, compare and get more out of your experience.

We are the most knowledgeable and adventurous operation in the Amazon. Come and explore with us.

We are the most knowledgeable and adventurous operation in the Amazon. Come and explore with us.

Current Availability

Rio Negro Basin - Trophy Peacock Bass - Headwaters and Tributaries

Fall 2022/Winter 2023 Trips

Trip No. Departure Area Returns Price Availability
GF-11 Dec 11, 2022 Rio Negro Dec 18, 2022 $4995 OPEN
GF-13 Dec 30, 2022 Rio Negro Jan 6, 2023 $4995 4 Openings
GF-14 Jan 6, 2023 Rio Negro Jan 13, 2023 $4995 2 Openings
GF-17 Jan 27, 2023 Rio Negro Feb 3, 2023 $4995 2 Openings
GF-20 Feb 17, 2023 Rio Negro Feb 24, 2023 $4995 2 Openings
GF-21 Feb 24, 2023 Rio Negro Mar 3, 2023 $4995 OPEN

Fall 2023/Winter 2024 Trips

Trip No. Departure Area Returns Price Availability
HF-05 Oct 31, 2023 Rio Negro Nov 7, 2023 $4995 6 Openings
HF-07 Nov 14, 2023 Rio Negro Nov 20, 2023 $4995 6 Openings
HF-08 Nov 20, 2023 Rio Negro Nov 28, 2023 $4995 OPEN
HF-09 Nov 28, 2023 Rio Negro Dec 5, 2023 $4995 OPEN
HF-10 Dec 5, 2023 Rio Negro Dec 12, 2023 $4995 OPEN
HF-11 Dec 12, 2023 Rio Negro Dec 19, 2023 $4995 OPEN
HF-12 Dec 22, 2023 Rio Negro Dec 29, 2023 $4995 5 Openings
HF-13 Dec 29, 2023 Rio Negro Jan 5, 2024 $4995 OPEN
HF-14 Jan 5, 2024 Rio Negro Jan 12, 2024 $4995 OPEN
HF-15 Jan 12, 2024 Rio Negro Jan 19, 2024 $4995 OPEN
HF-18 Feb 2, 2024 Rio Negro Feb 9, 2024 $4995 OPEN
HF-19 Feb 9, 2024 Rio Negro Feb 16, 2024 $4995 OPEN
HF-20 Feb 16, 2024 Rio Negro Feb 23, 2024 $4995 OPEN

THE FISHING — Rio Negro Tributaries 

October through March · Trophy Peacock Bass

Earl Hancock with a 25 pound peacock bass
Here there be giants
Earl Hancock with a 27 pound peacock bass
(Click to Enlarge)

Our floating bungalow trips have yielded enormous trophy peacock bass, like Earl Hancock's 27 pound monster. Our shallow-drafting operation seeks less pressured locales and, when conditions dictate, can access remote headwaters fisheries or secondary tributaries. We follow the dry season and pursue the best opportunities for trophy-sized peacocks.

Trophy Peacock Bass - Rio Negro Tributaries. mid-October through through mid-March are the optimal months for our floating bungalows in the Rio Negro basin. Drafting less than 1 foot with full aluminum hulls, these versatile units can make their way through just about anything to find optimal fishing conditions far away from other fishing operations. Experience a great chance at a true trophy peacock.

This trip is focused on trophy-size peacocks - Good daily catch averages (from 10 - 30+ per day). World-record size Cichla temensis peacock bass are found in the Rio Negro basin. If you seek a giant trophy, this trip can deliver.
Double Occupancy Configuration - Space limited to 8 anglers per group, float-plane only access, roomy air-conditioned cabins, private bathrooms and hot showers.

Pursue spectacular trophy peacock bass with us! Our floating bungalows can access  regions where other types of operations simply can't go. These remote fisheries hold some of the largest peacock bass in the world.

Learn More

Paul Reiss with a 26 pound peacock bass
Paul Reiss with a 26 pound trophy peacock bass
(Click to Enlarge)


Peacock Bass Fishing Floating Bungalows
Peacock Bass Fishing Floating Bungalows (Click to Enlarge)
Floating Bungalow Private Bathroom
Floating Bungalow Private Bathroom

All of our floating bungalow cabins are individually air-conditioned. They also have wide, openable windows if you prefer cool night breezes. Either way, they provide a comfortable angler's retreat. Full sized beds ensure a great night's sleep for even the tallest anglers. Convenient storage space at your headboard lets you keep your book, reading light, water bottle, etc. close at hand. Individual 110VAC outlets provide charging for all of your devices or all-night-long CPAP operation.

Each floating bungalow unit has its own complete set of facilities. A separate, private shower stall, complete with electrical, on-demand hot water ensures that the full-sized bathroom is always available. Electrically pumped, on-demand water systems enable sinks, toilets and showers to operate with a constant fresh water supply. We retain all effluent in an enclosed septic system, to keep our environment clean and keep you comfortable.

  • Comfortable, separate, twin size beds - 2 per unit
  • Fully air-conditioned cabins
  • Fully welded and carpeted aluminum floor
  • Fully insulated walls
  • Interior curtains and vinyl walls and ceiling
  • On-demand pressurized water
  • Heavy duty aluminum outside roof, walls and shutters
  • 3" ceiling insulation
  • Hydrodynamic hull
  • Eco-friendly holding tank
Peacock Bass Fishing Floating Bungalows
Peacock Bass Fishing Floating Bungalows (Click to Enlarge)
Floating Bungalow Hot Shower
Floating Bungalow Hot Shower


Peacock bass operation kitchen
Our Floating Bungalow’s Fully-equipped Kitchen and extraordinary chefs .
(Click to Enlarge)

Our kitchen and dining room unit is like nothing else that has ever plied Amazon waters. Our amazing, culinary-school trained cooks provide gourmet quality food while our anglers enjoy their meals in a comfortable, floating dining room. Mounted on a 12 x 32 foot aluminum hull with twin Suzuki 115HP four strokes for propulsion, this fully air-conditioned unit can tow our entire floating operation to new locations, providing fresh fishing waters as well as fresh, delicious meals.

Floating Bungalow Operation Dining Room
Our Floating Bungalow Operation’s dining room makes a comfortable retreat after a long day of peacock bass fishing. (Click to Enlarge)
Grilled Peacock Bass
Grilled Peacock Bass
Brazilian Rice
Brazilian Rice
Peacock Bass Fishing Trip Salad
Carrot Salad
Piranha soup
Piranha Soup

Meals are sumptuous, varied and delicious. Breakfasts include eggs, pancakes, French toast and Brazilian pastries. Anglers pack box lunches for a restoring midday break from fishing. Dinners are accompanied by tasty appetizers, soup, salad and a selection of main dishes. Of course, a diet-killing dessert caps it all off.

peacock bass trip dinner - grilled chicken
Barbecued Chicken
Peacock bass barbecue
Brazilian barbecue, or "churrasco", is a favorite for our anglers and staff alike. Steaks, chicken, potatoes, even a fresh peacock bass can find its way into this delicious beach-front cookout. Served with plenty of "caipirinha", it doesn't get much better than this. (Click to Enlarge)
An evening meal on the beach.

Trip Features

More Than Just Awesome Fishing

The Amazon basin is the world's largest primeval wilderness. Not only is it home to the world's fiercest fighting fish, but it is a place of incomparable beauty, enduring mystery and incomprehensible contradictions. No visit here is complete without an opportunity to witness some of the Amazon's above-water wonders. On the Floating Bungalows, you'll be given every opportunity to see, feel and be part of this spectacular place.

Visit an Amazon Village

An Amazon village encountered on our peacock bass fishing trips.
Many small, simple villages are scattered throughout the region the Floating Bungalows visit. Whether Indians or "Caboclos", indigenous Amazonian peoples live a unique riverine life style here. It is our privilege and pleasure to visit these villages, dependent on our location, interact with their people and gain an understanding of a culture usually invisible to temperate zone dwellers.


redtail catfish
The Amazon is home to big, powertail redtail catfish, sleek, fast suribim and several other species of giant catfish. Take an afternoon or evening to try your hand at these beasts. Everything is calm and relaxed until your line starts whizzing into the sunset. Then the battle is on!

Brazilian Barbecue

Peacock bass fishing trip barbecue offering - churrasco
Our outdoor grill on the shore is the site of a delicious, traditional Brazilian barbecue. Celebrate a great week of fishing and the trip of a lifetime with a food feast, Brazilian style. Grilled steak, chicken and sausage together with a traditional "feijoada" provides the finishing touch to your Amazon experience.

Delicious Shore Lunch

Enjoying a peacock bass fishing shore barbecue
Nothing beats grilled fish fresh out of the water. Our guides can turn your morning's extra catch into a delicious shore lunch, barbecued on the spot, Amazonian style. Sit back, relax and enjoy the experience.

Hike in the Rainforest

A group taking an Amazon jungle hike after fishing for peacock bass
Get your feet on the ground and take a hike in the jungle. Visit the unique riverside "igapo" (flooded forest) and hike in to see the sights in the renowned "terra firme" primary forest.

optional Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing for Amazon Peacock Bass
Try your hand at the ultimate in freshwater fishing - up close and personal! Our fully equipped Ascend FS10 Sit-In Fishing Kayaks will let you go hand to hand with the world’s most powerful freshwater fish. Deluxe seats & adjustable foot braces make a comfortable fit for any size angler. A large, open cockpit offers easy entry & exit without restricting casting or retrieving.. Your guide, in your regular boat, with full resources will always be close by to help with tackle or navigation.

Angler Services


All of our Peacock Bass Fishing Trips offer full Laundry services

No need to pack an extensive wardrobe. Our washer and dryer equipped laundry means your clothes are washed, dried, folded and delivered to your bungalow daily - rain or shine.  Three changes of clothing are plenty.

Our washer and dryer equipped laundry


Our shortwave radio available for use on your fishing trip

The Floating Bungalows are equipped with a complete array of telecommunications and electronics gear, including; Iridium Satellite telephone and shortwave radio. Each fishing boat is equipped with a Garmin ‘InReach’ satellite tracker and emergency contact system.

Our Satellite Telephone to stay in touch while fishing in the Amazon

Satellite telephone service is available for client use at $5.00 / minute and is available for emergency use at all times at no charge.

Our Iridium Satellite Phone

Free Fishing Tackle Use

peacock bass fishing tackle

No need to bring your own. Leave the clunky rod tubes home. Floating Bungalow guests are provided with free use of our extensive stock of top quality fishing tackle. We are proud to offer  Okuma carbon-fiber rods and top-shelf Shimano reels.

Fishing Instruction

peacock bass fishing lessons

Novice angler? Never fished in the Amazon? Not sure how to proceed? Our expert guides are more than happy to provide fishing instruction, including casting, lure selection, even fly fishing lessons. Just ask.

Dietary Accommodation

Beyond the high quality of our delicious meals, our staff is fully prepared to provide dietary accommodations as necessary. We can serve a full range of meals for persons with a variety of food allergies or special dietary requirements.


Your bungalows are maintained daily. Our staff makes beds, cleans cabins and sanitizes bathrooms. You'll return after a full day of fishing to a clean, comfortable and fresh smelling bungalow. Our staff is 100% dependable and your belongings are always absolutely safe and protected.

CPAP Machines

Each bungalow is provided with 110 VAC power available whenever you are in your cabin and all night long. Not only can you run your support machine, but you can also recharge batteries for cameras and other portable appliances.

Boats and Guides

Floating Bungalow Fishing Boats Floating Bungalows on the Move Floating Bungalows on the Shore Floating Bungalows Dining Boat

Because our floating bungalows go where other types of operation can't go, we need gear that can handle just about anything. Our new, welded aluminum boats were designed and built specifically for use in our bungalow operation. They navigate efficiently in headwaters streams and placid lowlands backwaters while providing a stable fishing platform. Their shallow draft, sleek beam and guide liftable motors let us get over, under and into the smallest, tightest lagoon entries … letting us fish in waters others can’t access. Back-saving seats and a combination V-bow with flat stern gives us total flexibility for any kind of water.

Our Floating Bungalow Operation employs highly-trained, experienced professional fishing guides, born and raised in the Amazon basin. They have years of experience in Amazon fishing and all have spent time training and working with our Blackwater Explorer staff. Using our specialized boats, impeccably maintained motors and gear to get you to the most productive waters, they are dedicated to helping you find that giant trophy peacock bass.

Our Bungalow Guides — From Left; Carlos, Manel, Raimundo, Brahma

Floating Bungalow Fishing Boat Floating Bungalow Fishing Guides

Safety and Comfort - Our Prime Considerations

Satellite Trackers

All of our fishing boats are equipped with satellite messaging and Garmin ‘InReach’ GPS tracking devices. If an emergency arises, we’re ready to handle it immediately. We know where you are and what your status is all the time.


Two 110 VAC diesel generators (40 kw MWM and 20 kw back-up) and one secondary gasoline generator, to ensure that camp systems function at all times


Life jackets for use on our peacock bass fishing trips

Sanitary Systems

Acute Angling is committed to conserving the Amazon's purity as well as ensuring our guest's comfort. So we've taken steps to ensure that our bungalows are not only painted green, but are "green" in every ecological sense of the word. Our Bungalows do not release effluents into Amazon waters. Each unit has a holding tank to ensure that all waste water can be sanitarily disposed of by our staff. Not only does this keep the river clean, but it ensures that the Bungalows' immediate environs are clean and pure for bathing and swimming as well.

Water Health

To further ensure our guests comfort, the Bungalows have no water storage tanks, where undesired impurities can collect. The Bungalows' shower and tap water is drawn "on demand", from the world's purest waters.

Further, we only use bottled mineral water for all cooking and drinking purposes. Even our ice is made from bottled water. That helps make us the healthiest operation in the Amazon.

A Typical Floating Bungalows Day

After your arrival at our floating bungalows on a Cessna Caravan turbo-prop floatplane, you'll be far away from anything resembling civilization, so we create our own oasis of civilization in the middle of the Amazon jungle. The comfortable environment will make you forget just how far from the "real" world you actually are. A typical day offers the following possibilities.

Wake-up Call - Unless you request otherwise, your wake-up call will come at 5:30 AM. The sun comes up around 6:15 (Remember, peacocks are strictly diurnal fish, meaning they only feed actively in daylight so there's no value to heading out before dawn). Breakfast is served at 6:00 AM, and your guide will be ready to leave by 6:30.

22 pound peacock bass
Weighing in a 22 pound peacock bass.

Fishing - This is why you came isn't it? And, of course, this will be what you remember most. Your expert guide will prepare your gear, select the best lures for the conditions and then put you onto the biggest, most exciting freshwater fish you've ever encountered. Imagine weighing in your personal best peacock bass after the excitement of a violent surface explosion and a brutal hand to hand battle with one of these magnificent giants. Your fully equipped aluminum bass boat will be stocked with the food and beverages of your choice. Spend the day casting plugs, fly-fishing or just enjoying the variety of experiences peacock bass fishing provides. Peacocks are inactive without daylight, so when the afternoon shadows start to lengthen into twilight, you'll head back to the bungalows. A comfortable jungle oasis awaits you after a long day's fishing adventures.

Floating Bungalow Camp
Moving the Floating Bungalows.

Moving the Bungalows - Acute Angling’s floating bungalows are mobile. Although without the ability to rapidly move from fishery to fishery like our yacht operations, our bungalows can move very effectively within a fishery. While you're out fishing, the bungalows may pack-up and move in order to give you access to new waters for the next day's fishing or to pursue the best conditions in the event of water level changes. The bungalows will be set up and waiting for you in their new location at the end of the fishing day. We typically park our floating bungalows on beautiful white sand beaches so you can experience the comfort and carefree atmosphere of a Caribbean beach resort.

lunchtime snooze in the peacock bass fishery
Lunchtime snooze in the peacock bass fishery.

Lunch Time - Take a boxed lunch along with you and enjoy a break in your fishing day without having to waste time running back and forth to the bungalows home base. If a snooze appears to be in order, your guide will string a comfortable Brazilian hammock in the shade for your relaxation.

Cocktail Hour - Upon your return in the evening, your waiter will have ice-cold Brazilian cocktails (caipirinha) waiting for you along with a variety of tasty appetizers.

volleyball game in a peacock bass camp
Taking some time off from Peacock Bass fishing with a volleyball game.

The beautiful white-sand beaches on which we always seek to park our floating bungalows make for a comfortable, barefoot environment. If you're not totally exhausted after a long day of fishing, you can unwind with a spirited game of volleyball, or challenge our Brazilian guides to a game of soccer (usually a losing proposition for the guests). Afterward, enjoy a nice hot shower (or a quick dive into the clear black waters) and you're refreshed and ready for dinner.

peacock bass dining room
Dinner after a long day of fishing in this amazing Amazon peacock bass fishery.

Dinner - Our unique, motorized, floating dining room is the site for meals beyond your expectations. It's hard to remember you're in the middle of the world's largest wilderness when you're enjoying food this good. Start your day off with a hearty breakfast and return after a day of fighting peacock bass. A full, sumptuous dinner, with excellent wine, is served around 7:00 PM, including salads, soups, main courses and desserts. There are choices at every meal. You can stick with the familiar (steak, chicken, porkchop, etc.) or try some Brazilian favorites like fresh peacock bass, traditional "feijoada" or a meat lover's "churrasco". You won't go to bed hungry.

Trip Packages

All-Inclusive — Our trip price is all-inclusive and covers everything you’ll need for your incredible Amazon experience ... No hokey “extras” and no surprise charges. From the moment you step off your international flight, we include all fishing activity, tackle provision, food, drink, open bar, charter flight, transfers, hotels and staff services. Bring three changes of clothing and your toothbrush … We provide everything else at no extra charge.

Fully-Insured — Your trip investment is never at risk … Your trip includes a complete travel insurance policy from IMG, covering your full trip price, baggage and medical emergencies. You are never at risk ... We provide a Global Rescue subscription to cover any emergency extraction, bringing you all the way home.  We are a fully insured company … providing coverage for each angler for any accidental liability.

Totally Turn key — You’ll never stumble over trip preparation or find unforeseen complications ... We provide an all-encompassing personal online portal that will walk you through every step of your pre-trip considerations, from documentation to flight organization and an expert staff that will provide complete customer support. We’ll be holding your hand all the way.  

… Individual Bookings - Acute Angling’s Floating Bungalows will accept bookings from individual anglers on most scheduled dates. It is not necessary to book with a partner. Individuals may book alone at our regular pricing and be assigned a fishing partner and roommate or they may reserve a private cabin at an additional charge.

… Pairs and small groups - - Pairs may book together and share a boat, a guide and a cabin. Small groups are welcome on any of our open dates.

… Full Group packages - Groups of 8 anglers may reserve an exclusive week on the Floating Bungalows for their group only. Please call well in advance of your desired date to ensure availability.

Short trips - Short trips can be arranged at certain times during our fishing season. Please call for availability and details.

No matter how you structure your trip, our Floating Bungalows provide the highest quality in fishing trips, service, food and drink. Acute Angling consistently earns its reputation as the best fishing trip operator in the Amazon.