Amazon River Monsters – Exclusive Indian Reserve

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Fierce Fishes of the Amazon

Amazon River Monsters – Exclusive Indian Reserve

Mission Statement

There is just no place like the Rio Travessão. Preserved in an Indian reservation and protected from outside access by rapids and waterfalls, this unique, untouched fishery provides anglers with more than just the most incredible fishing trip they’ll ever experience; this is an Amazon adventure in the truest sense. If you think that strange, but oddly famous TV star, who poses himself all over South America catching one “river monster” per episode is doing something special, well, he just doesn't know the Rio Travessão. The biggest, baddest and most monstrous species of them all are here; all together, and ready to fight. This trip is all about the Amazon’s real-world “River Monsters”.

Here, where fast water, rapids and rocky braids deny access to house-boats and floating camps alike, Acute Angling’s “Picapau” Lodge is the only answer. A Cessna Caravan floatplane flies you over the obstacles and brings you there in total comfort and safety. Our mission, however, goes beyond simply getting there; We've designed and outfitted our lodge to meet the challenge of providing a surprisingly comfortable, civilized and secure base of operations from which our anglers can pursue the Amazon's rarest and most exotic fishes in otherwise totally inaccessible waters. With private bathrooms and hot showers, anglers enjoy a spacious and well-organized domicile. With our staff's full-service commitment, you can concentrate on the exciting fishing, enjoy the great meals and just relax in an environment like no other.

Over a dozen of the world’s most exciting gamefish live here. This trip is focused on exotic Multi-species variety.

Remote Picapau Lodge
The spacious tree-top cabins are air-conditioned with private bathrooms and walk-in showers


Lodge Type Cabins Mobility Mechanism Anglers Range Generators Dining Area
Air-Conditioned Lodge with Remote, Upriver Satellite Camps 7 meters (22')
by 6 m. (18')
Land Based Lodge Floatplane only access 8 Anglers maximum over 100 miles Main - 33Kw
Back-up 7.5 Kw
Floored, covered
  1. Comfortable private cabins with en-suite tiled bathrooms, hot showers and air-conditioning, or
    Double sized couples suites with two bathrooms.
  2. Big windows, river views.
  3. Comfortable beds with thick foam mattresses.
  4. 110 VAC service in each cabin. Charge your electronics as needed.
  5. Roomy storage areas to arrange and stow your gear..
  6. Eight foot high ceilings. No ducking necessary for six-footers.
  7. Covered outdoor dining area. Breezy and comfortable. Enjoy great meals in a waterfront ambiance.
  8. Unique, over-water cocktail deck.
  9. Upriver satellite camps allow exploration and access to new waters.
  10. Hot water en-suite showers or pristine river waters for bathing.
  11. Fresh towels and linens and laundry service daily. Pack light.
  12. Open bar, cold beverages, appetizers and snacks available at all times.
  13. Gourmet meals and fine wines.
  14. Floatplane (Cessna Caravan) entry and departure.
  15. Knowledgeable staff and camp hosts. Learn, share, compare and get more out of your experience.

We are the most knowledgeable and adventurous operation in the Amazon. Come and explore with us.

Current Availability

Pristine Wilderness — Great Variety — Amazon River Monsters

Fall 2022/Winter 2023 Trips

Trip No. Departure Area Returns Price Availability
GT-11 Dec 12, 2022 Rio Travessao Dec 19, 2022 $6995 5 Openings
GT-20 Feb 13, 2023 Rio Travessao Feb 20, 2023 $6995 1 Opening

Fall 2023/Winter 2024 Trips

Trip No. Departure Area Returns Price Availability
HT-03 Oct 23, 2023 Rio Travessao Oct 30, 2023 $6995 1 Opening
HT-05 Nov 6, 2023 Rio Travessao Nov 13, 2023 $6995 1 Opening
HT-06 Nov 13, 2023 Rio Travessao Nov 20, 2023 $6995 6 Openings
HT-08 Nov 27, 2023 Rio Travessao Dec 4, 2023 $6995 4 Openings
HT-10 Dec 10, 2023 Rio Travessao Dec 16, 2023 $6995 4 Openings
HT-11 Dec 16, 2023 Rio Travessao Dec 22, 2023 $6995 OPEN
HT-12 Dec 22, 2023 Rio Travessao Dec 29, 2023 $6995 OPEN
HT-17 Jan 26, 2024 Rio Travessao Feb 2, 2024 $6995 5 Openings
HT-19 Feb 9, 2024 Rio Travessao Feb 16, 2024 $6995 1 Opening

Video Tour

· Beautiful, pristine surroundings
· Comfortable Accommodations
· Exclusive Indian Reserve
· Real "River Monsters"!

Some fishing trips are all about a particular fish, some about a single experience — This one is a lot more. It boasts over a dozen spectacular gamefish species, a remarkable range of habitat, pristine gallery forest surroundings, one of the Amazon's most beautiful rivers and an exclusive Indian reservation fishery —then it combines them all into the ultimate Amazon adventure.

Your trip starts with a spectacular charter flight over the central Amazon jungle in a Cessna Caravan floatplane, landing in a quiet pool between the rapids of this beautiful mountain river. A short boat ride brings you to our rustic but very comfortable lodge on an island in the middle of the river. Here you'll find more creature comforts than you can imagine this deep in the middle of the world's largest wilderness. The spacious cabins are built on stilts right into the island's trees. With lovely views of the river, each cabin boasts individual air-conditioning, private bathrooms, en-suite showers and 110V electricity. This is definitely not roughing it!

Your day starts with a sumptuous breakfast, then it's off to the river. Our guides are native Hixkaryana Indians who have lived their entire lives on this water. They know every inch of it and exactly where to find the habitat that holds the fish you target. And what an array of species! Nowhere else can you find so many "River Monsters" in one trip.

All of the fierce predators; monster wolfish, giant payara, powerful peacock bass, deep running pescada and acrobatic bicuda. And the Amazon's most famous giant catfish; huge redtails, chunky jau, tough jundira, beautiful sorubim and the Amazon superstar, the goliath piraiba, growing to over 350 pounds and over 10 feet in length! Want more? There are several species of pacu, some reaching nearly 10 lbs., huge piranha, over 8 lbs., aracu, bocão, mandí and more! This is not a region where you go to catch great numbers of fish, rather, it is a unique Amazon biosphere where anglers can encounter a great variety of different exotic species.

Don't want to fish every minute? Have a non-fishing partner? This is one of the few angling destinations where you can both be more than happy! Let our Indian guides show you their community; join them in nighttime jungle forays; take nature-walks; look for wildlife; go bird-watching; kayak on this beautiful, fast-water river; and when each day's adventure is over, return to our comfortable lodge. You can enjoy ice-cold cocktails and delicious appetizers while soaking in our natural, river-formed jacuzzi before indulging in an elegant dinner, complete with fine wines.

Want more adventure? For those eager to leave the laid-back atmosphere of our comfortable lodge, fish your way upriver to our satellite camp. Bivouac in a well-equipped safari-style camp in the midst of the deepest Amazon jungle … not your typical KOA. Live off the land, eat what you catch and experience waters that even the Indians rarely see.

Join us at comfortable Picapau Lodge on the most unique of all Amazon rivers, the beautiful Rio Travessao. Experience a one-of-a-kind adventure in an untouched land that time forgot.

The Fishing

The “Scaled Predator Grand Slam”
- on the Rio Travessao

Can you imagine a fishery where you can pursue one of the wildest and most exotic fishing grand-slams in the world? Our "scaled predator slam" features four fantastic species that provide plug casters or fly fishermen alike with a superb angling challenge. Catching big peacock bass, fanged payara, giant bicuda and goliath wolfish (trairão) even once during a lifetime can highlight any angler's fishing career. Here, it can be done in a week! In fact, several intrepid anglers have achieved this remarkable grand slam in a single day! This is the kind of action that drives otherwise sane anglers to the most remote fringes of the Amazon basin, casting for giants.

Peacock Bass

The Rio Travessao's unique hump-headed peacocks explode on lures in fast riffles, slow backwaters and rocky pools alike. Averaging 6-10 pounds, these chunky fighters can reach 15 pounds.

Rio Travessao Peacock Bass
Look at the hump on this Rio Travessao peacock bass’ head! (Click image to enlarge)
Rio Travessao Peacock Bass
Larry Larsen with a big Rio Travessao peacock bass. (Click image to enlarge)

And there's even more variety! - Even If you've completed the grand-slam, there are still other great gamefish species here. How about pescada (silver croaker) up to 14 lbs. (the world-record)! How about the world's largest black piranha (we've broken the record 3 times here)! We also catch big pacu, aracu and more. A well-known angler and TV personality notched 16 species in a single trip here!


These savage monsters prowl fast eddies, deep pools and waterfalls. Their violent strike and great stamina make them an angler favorite while that jawful of teeth makes catching one an unforgettable experience. This fishery holds giants up to 36 lbs.

Rio Travessao Payara
Cyril Chauquet with a Rio Travessao Payara. (Click image to enlarge)

Wolfish (Trairão)

Reaching almost 40 pounds, this is not a beast to be taken lightly. If they don't immediately slice you off or break you off, they'll drag you into the first underwater snag they can find.

Trairao - Amazon wolfish
Rio Travessao Trairao - Amazon wolfish. (Click image to enlarge)

Bicuda (Boulengerella cuvieri)

They grow to unheard of sizes here. Twelve pounders are not uncommon and we've already jumped off thigh-thick specimens probably pushing twenty pounds!

Rio Travessao Giant Bicuda
Rio Travessao Giant Bicuda. (Click image to enlarge)

Giant Catfish Grand Slam

Where else in the world can you pursue a "giant catfish grand-slam"! Four fantastic, whiskered species provide anglers with the ultimate heavyweight challenge. Some, like the pirarara and jundia prefer cut bait, while the sorubim will often pursue lures meant for pelagic predators. The ultimate giants, the piraiba, have been observed surfacing and jumping in the moonlight! Catching all of these big cat species in a single lifetime is an accomplishment. Here, it's possible to do it in a week!

Piraiba (Goliath Cat)

Piraiba - Giant Amazon Catfish
Piraiba - Giant Amazon Catfish. (Click image to enlarge)

The Rio Travessao has yielded world-record breaking catfish. The record piraiba (goliath cat) was caught here in 2009. We've caught even larger specimens since, up to 350 pounds. Fish like the hefty beast at left are not unusual.

Pirarara (Red-tail Cat)

These chunky, armor-plated eating-machines prowl deep pools and slow eddies. Their big bodies and great stamina help them hold tight to the bottom, making them a challenge for any angler. One look and it's not hard to tell where the common name came from.


Rio Travessao Redtail Catfish
Rio Travessao Redtail Catfish. (Click image to enlarge)


World Record Jundira Catfish
The leopard spotted jundira fights like a bulldog. Below, Russell Jensen's 28 lb. world record. (Click image to enlarge)


Rio Travessao Sorubim Catfish
Big sorubim will take a lure as readily as a cut bait. They gather on beaches at sundown. (Click image to enlarge)

The Ultimate in Variety Fishing - The Rio Travessao

Piraiba - Giant Amazon Catfish
Here there be giants! Piraiba - The Giant Amazon Catfish (Click image to enlarge)

The Rio Travessao has yielded 11 world-records during our sojourn here, and there are more still to be broken. Sure, this a place known for giants, but there's also amazing variety. Besides the plentiful big cats, this fishery abounds in exotic and hard-fighting species of characins and perciformes.

A big pacu
The Rio Travessao's holds several species of pacu,
some reaching up to 10 pounds. (Click image to enlarge)
The jaws known round the world
Piranha grow enormous in this fishery. The world record has been broken here 3 times. (Click image to enlarge)
World Record Black Piranha
Piranha (Click image to enlarge)
Rio Travessao Pescada
Pescada (Click image to enlarge)
Barba-Chata (flat whiskered) catfish
Barba-Chata (flat whiskered) catfish. (Click image to enlarge)
Pacu - Genus Myleus
Pacu - Genus Myleus (Click image to enlarge)

And there are still more… Every season we encounter something we haven't seen before.


Built to access the Amazon’s most pristine fishery — Acute Angling’s Picapau Lodge brings you to the ultimate fishing in remarkable comfort. Located on Picapau (woodpecker) Island in the middle of the beautiful Rio Travessao, the lodge provides all the comforts of home and fishing like nowhere else on the planet.

Our spacious facility provides pleasant living arrangements for 8 anglers. The attractive lay-out puts resources at your fingertips and assures a comfortable level of privacy and personal space. Located on a sandy river island, the water is a scant 30 feet away. After an amazing day of fishing, the sound of the river's cascading waters makes a perfect finish.

Jungle Comfort — Acute Angling’s unique variety species lodge is ever evolving but we have been operating in the Amazon's most remote areas since 1994. Our long experience has taught us how to do it right and as a result, our operations have improved and evolved dramatically over time. No longer can this be called a basic fishing trip; we have honed our operation to the point where the level of comfort and convenience challenges that of many resort facilities! Your responsibility on our fishing trips is to fish, eat, drink, sleep and relax in the very heart of the world's most beautiful wilderness. We do absolutely everything else!

Comfortable beds with fresh linens provide a great night's sleep for hard-fishing anglers. Bedside tables keep your night time needs close at hand. Read, relax or even write a trip log in complete comfort.  Each air-conditioned private cabin provides 110V outlets making charging all of your devices or using your CPAP quick, simple and easy.

The cabins are roomy with high ceilings, lots of windows and plenty of storage space. Convenient shelving lets you keep your gear close at hand without cluttering your living space. You’ll be amazed at the relaxing home away from home you’ll find in the midst of the deepest Amazon jungle.

Amazon variety species lodge cabin interior
Amazon Jacuzzi - Happy Hour Relaxing

If you think Amazon fishing has to be uncomfortable, you haven't been to, Picapau, our Multi-Species Lodge. After a hard day's fishing and exploring, nothing could be more inviting than our natural whirlpool bath. Relax in the warm, pleasantly swirling waters with an ice cold cocktail in hand and let all of your cares wash away in the Rio Travessão's pure waters.


Dinner on the Rio Travessao
Dinner on the Rio Travessao. (Click image to enlarge)
Brazilian Barbeque. (Click image to enlarge)

Beyond your wildest jungle expectations! That's the only way to describe the meals in our variety species fishing lodge. Traditional Brazilian barbeque, freshly caught fish, even baked lasagna grace our table. Our expert staff, our attention to angler tastes and fresh produce delivered by floatplane ensures that you'll be amazed at how far beyond basic camp fare we've gone.

We bake our own bread, we prepare your eggs to order, we even serve our traditional churrasco in rodizio restaurant style. You won't eat better than this on any fishing trip. In fact, you'll go home plumper.

Variety Species Lodge Cocktail Deck
Dinners are accompanied by fine wines, Brazilian beers, cocktails or soft drinks and offer a variety of main dishes.
Dinners are accompanied by fine wines, Brazilian beers, cocktails or soft drinks and offer a variety of main dishes.

Trip Features

More Than Just Awesome Fishing

The Amazon basin is the world's largest remaining primeval wilderness. Not only is it home to the world's fiercest fighting fish, but it is a place of incomparable beauty, enduring mystery and incomprehensible contradictions. No visit here is complete without an opportunity to witness some of the Amazon's above-water wonders. At our Picapau Amazon Fishing Lodge you'll be given every opportunity to see, feel and be part of this spectacular place.

Upriver Satellite Camps

Peacock Bass Upriver Satellite Camps
Our Rio Travessao fishery is enormous … too big to cover from a single base of operations. To take full advantage of this area, we've built a fancy (flush toilets, covered dining area, electric lights, comfy beds, boardwalks, etc.) satellite camp a day's fishing upriver. Frankly it's really more like "glamping" – no roughing it here. For the hardcore explorer, we have a second "spike camp" yet another day upriver. You can access as much or as little of this gigantic area as you choose.


redtail catfish
The Rio Travessao is the Amazon's "Catfish Central". Five of the Amazon's most famous catfish call this river home. In addition to the beautiful redtail catfish shown here, anglers can encounter fast, sleek sorubim, chunky jundira, massive jau and the ultimate Amazon Goliath, reaching over 350 pounds, the spectacular, hard-fighting piraiba.

Brazilian Barbecue

Peacock bass fishing trip barbecue offering - churrasco
Our outdoor grill at the lodge is the site of a delicious, traditional Brazilian barbecue. Celebrate a great week of fishing and the trip of a lifetime with a food feast, Brazilian style. Grilled steak, chicken and sausage together with a traditional "feijoada" provides the finishing touch to your Amazon experience.

Delicious Shore Lunch

Enjoying a peacock bass fishing shore barbecue
Nothing beats grilled fish fresh out of the water. Our guides can turn your morning's extra catch into a delicious shore lunch, barbecued on the spot, Amazonian style. Sit back, relax and enjoy the experience.

Hike in the Rainforest

A group taking an Amazon jungle hike after fishing for peacock bass
Get your feet on the ground and take a hike in the jungle. Visit the highlands gallery forest or hike in to see the sights in the renowned "terra firme" primary forest.

Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing for Amazon Peacock Bass
The ultimate in freshwater fishing - up close and personal! Our fully equipped Ascend FS10 Sit-In Fishing Kayaks provide an extremely comfortable ride. Deluxe seats & adjustable foot braces make an easy fit for any size angler. A large, open cockpit offers easy entry & exit without restricting casting or retrieving. A trained guide in a motorized back-up boat with full resources will always be close by to help with tackle, techniques or navigation.

Angler Services


All of our Peacock Bass Fishing Trips offer full Laundry services

No need to pack an extensive wardrobe. Our washer and dryer equipped laundry means your clothes are washed, dried, folded and delivered to your cabin, daily - rain or shine.  Three changes of clothing are plenty.

Our washer and dryer equipped laundry


Our shortwave radio available for use on your fishing trip

Picapau Lodge is equipped with a complete array of telecommunications and electronics gear, including; Iridium Satellite telephone; Ground to air radio and ISAT communication technology;  Each fishing boat is equipped with a Garmin ‘InReach’ satellite tracker and emergency contact system.

Our Satellite Telephone to stay in touch while fishing in the Amazon

Satellite telephone service is available for client use at $5.00 / minute and is available for emergency use at all times at no charge.

Our Iridium Satellite Phone

Free Fishing Tackle Use

peacock bass fishing tackle

No need to bring your own. Leave the clunky rod tubes home. Picapau Lodge guests are provided with free use of our extensive stock of top quality fishing tackle. We are proud to offer Okuma rods and Shimano reels.

Fishing Instruction

peacock bass fishing lessons

Novice angler? Never fished in the Amazon? Not sure how to proceed? Our expert staff is more than happy to provide fishing instruction, including casting, lure selection, even fly fishing lessons. Just ask.

Dietary Accommodation

Beyond the high quality of our delicious meals, our staff is fully prepared to provide dietary accommodations as necessary. We can serve a full range of meals for persons with a variety of food allergies or special dietary requirements.


Your cabins are maintained daily. Our staff makes beds, cleans cabins and sanitizes bathrooms. You'll return after a full day of fishing to a clean, comfortable and fresh smelling cabin. Our staff is 100% dependable and theft NEVER occurs.

CPAP Machines

Each cabin is provided with 110 VAC power available whenever you are in your cabin, all night long. Not only can you run your support machine, but you can also recharge batteries for cameras and other portable appliances.

Boats and Guides

Our guides know every inch of this river like the back of their hands. They are members of the resident indigenous tribe and this is where they grew up. They have boat handling skills and river savvy that are unmatchable by outsiders and critically important to navigate this complex braided system. They know exactly where to find the fish and how to go after them. Every now and then, however, they still roll their eyes in exasperation when we release a perfectly delicious pacu or jundira.

Specialized Rio Travessao Lodge Boats
Specialized Rio Travessao Lodge Boats.  We’ve recently upgraded our seats from those shown here to match the same comfortable units on each of our other trips.
(Click image to enlarge)

The Rio Travessao is a rocky, high-gradient river with rapids, shallow riffles and long stretches of open water. We need boats that can handle all of these conditions, so we designed our own and had them built to order. Sturdy, stable, shallow drafting and with a long reach to handle the rapids, these boats provide the perfect combination of angling efficiency and navigational effectiveness.

Amazon Lodge Fishing Guides.
Amazon Lodge Fishing Guides. (Click image to enlarge)

Safety and Comfort - Our Prime Considerations

Satellite Trackers

All of our fishing boats are equipped with satellite messaging and Garmin ‘InReach’ GPS tracking devices. If an emergency arises, we’re ready to handle it immediately. We know where you are and what your status is all the time.


Quiet and dependable electricity is provided by our two powerful diesel generators. Located well distant from the lodge itself, the efficient machines provide energy for our freezers, refrigerators, lights, fans, pumps and air-conditioners. Each cabin has 110 VAC outlets available for charging camera and video batteries or operating a CPAP machine.


Life jackets for use on our peacock bass fishing trips
Picapa Lodge Generator
Picapau Lodge’s generators provide power for refrigeration, lights, fans, A/C and charging your devices. (Click image to enlarge)

Sanitary Systems

Acute Angling is committed to conserving the Amazon's purity as well as ensuring our guest's comfort. So we've taken steps to ensure that our lodge is not only trimmed in green, but is "green" in every ecological sense of the word. The Lodge does not release effluents into Amazon waters. A complete efficient septic system, with tank and leach field treats all effluent. Not only does this keep the river pristine, but it ensures that the Lodge's immediate environs are clean and pure for bathing and swimming as well.

Water Health

To further ensure our guests comfort, the Lodge has no water storage tanks, where undesired impurities can collect. The Lodge's shower and tap water is drawn "on demand", from the world's purest waters.

Further, we only use bottled mineral water for all cooking and drinking purposes. Even our ice is made from bottled water. That helps make us the healthiest fishing destination in the Amazon.

Multi-Species Variety Trip Description

October through February · The Ultimate Species Variety · Amazon River Monsters · Exclusive Indian Reservation

Piraiba - Giant Amazon Catfish Rio Travessao Sunset Fishing the Rio Travessao

This is truly an Amazon jungle adventure in a fast-flowing mountain river. Relax, fish, eat, drink, and learn about the Amazon while challenging the full-range of true Amazon "River Monsters" and exploring a world that time forgot.

There is just no place like the Rio Travessão. If you think that oddly famous TV star, who poses himself all over South America catching one “river monster” per episode is doing something special, well, he just doesn’t know the Rio Travessão. The biggest, baddest and most monstrous species of them all are here; all together, and ready to fight.

Preserved in an Indian reservation and protected from outside access by rapids and waterfalls, this unique fishery provides anglers with more than just an exciting fishing trip...this is a true Amazon adventure.

This trip is focused on Exotic, Multi-species Variety - over a dozen of the world’s most exciting gamefish live here.

Private cabins or double sized couple’s suites - Space is limited to 8 anglers per group, float-plane only access, air-conditioned cabins, delicious food, comfortable facilities.

Learn More

Payara Lots of Species on this trip. Cichla vazzoleri Wolfish

A Typical Multi-Species Lodge Day

Even little kids catch big fish here.
Feisty highlands peacocks are a great challenge in the fast current

After your arrival at the lodge on a Cessna Caravan turbo-prop floatplane, you'll be far from anything resembling civilization, so we’ve created our own oasis of civilization in the middle of the Amazon jungle. Our comfortable Picapau lodge will make you forget just how far away from the "real" world you actually are. A typical day offers the following possibilities

Wake-up Call - Our lodge operates on a very laid back schedule. Since there are so many species of fish with so many behavioral variations, there's always something biting, so we follow no fixed schedule. Wake up when you feel like it and proceed at your own pace. Our staff is always ready to serve you breakfast and even prepare your eggs the way you like them. Once you're ready to head out for a day of fishing, your guide will get everything ready. In addition to the hot morning bite, there's usually a great afternoon bite here, so anglers tend to arrive back in camp around sunset.

Rio Travessao Payara
Rio Travessao Payara

Fishing - This is why you came isn't it? And, of course, this will be what you remember most. Our guides are selected from the local indigenous community in whose reserve we fish. They know every inch of the water as well as the habits of the fish that live here. They will put you onto the biggest, most exciting freshwater fish you've ever encountered and then help you do what anglers do best… fish. Imagine weighing in an enormous Amazon trophy after the excitement of a strike and a brutal hand-to-hand battle with one of these magnificent giants. There is no greater angling satisfaction. Your guide will help you safely land and release your catch. The fully equipped and specially designed aluminum boats will be stocked with the food and beverages of your choice. Spend the day casting plugs, fly-fishing or chunking bait. Exotic Amazon species are ready to do battle. When the afternoon shadows start to lengthen into twilight, you'll head back to camp. A comfortable jungle oasis awaits you after a long day's fishing adventures.

The Rio Travessao
The Beautiful Rio Travessao

Navigating - The Rio Travessao fishery is in a high-gradient river system. With its fast water, significant rapids, deep pools and rocky bed, the Travessao can present a daunting challenge to any boatman. Our indigenous guides, however, are amazingly skilled at navigating in this spectacular mountain river system and our boats are specially built for these waters. Using the river's myriad braids and hidden channels to bypass the most difficult waters, our guides ensure that anglers can safely and easily access every nook and cranny of this exotic fishery.

lunchtime snooze in the peacock bass fishery
Lunchtime snooze

Lunch Time - Take a boxed lunch along with you and enjoy a break in your fishing day without having to waste time running back and forth to camp. If a snooze appears to be in order, your guide will string a comfortable Brazilian hammock in the shade for your relaxation.

Cocktail Hour - Upon your return to camp in the evening, your camp waiter will have ice-cold Brazilian cocktails (caipirinha) waiting for you along with a variety of tasty appetizers. Our unique, over-water deck is the perfect place to enjoy them

Multi-Species Lodge Meals
Sitting down for a sumptuous dinner in our comfortable dining area after a day of battling the giant fish of the Amazon. (Click to Enlarge)

Dinner - It's hard to remember you're in the world's largest wilderness when you're enjoying food this good. You'll start your day off with a hearty breakfast and then, after a day of fishing, return to a sumptuous dinner. There are choices at every meal. You can stick with the familiar (steak, chicken, etc.) or try some Brazilian favorites like fresh fish or a meat lover's "churrasco".

Trip Packages

All-Inclusive — Our trip price is all-inclusive and covers everything you’ll need for your incredible Amazon experience ... No hokey “extras” and no surprise charges. From the moment you step off your international flight, we include all fishing activity, tackle provision, food, drink, open bar, charter flight, transfers, hotels and staff services. Bring three changes of clothing and your toothbrush … We provide everything else at no extra charge.

Fully-Insured — Your trip investment is never at risk … Your trip includes a complete travel insurance policy from IMG, covering your full trip price, baggage and medical emergencies. You are never at risk ... We provide a Global Rescue subscription to cover any emergency extraction, bringing you all the way home.  We are a fully insured company … providing coverage for each angler for any accidental liability.

Totally Turn key — You’ll never stumble over trip preparation or find unforeseen complications ... We provide an all-encompassing personal online portal that will walk you through every step of your pre-trip considerations, from documentation to flight organization and an expert staff that will provide complete customer support. We’ll be holding your hand all the way.  

… Individual Bookings - Our Multi-species lodge operation accepts bookings from individual anglers on most scheduled dates. It is not necessary to book with a partner. Individuals may book alone at our regular pricing and be assigned a fishing partner or they may reserve a private boat and guide at an additional charge. 

… Pairs and small parties - Pairs may book together and share a boat and guide. Couples can enjoy our spacious couple’s suites. Small parties of two or more are welcome on any of our open dates.

… Full Group packages - Groups of 8 may reserve an exclusive week at Picapau lodge for their group only. Please call well in advance of your desired date to ensure availability.

… Short trips - Short trips can be arranged at certain times during our fishing season. Please call for availability and details.

No matter how you structure your trip, our Multi-Species Lodge provides the highest quality in fishing, client service, food and drink. Acute Angling consistently earns its reputation as the best fishing trip operator in the Amazon.