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Rio Curicuriari — The Fishing

Simply put, it’s extraordinary!

This is the trip for the angler who is in pursuit of the holy grail — the 20 lb. peacock bass.  In overall Amazon fishing, trophy-sized fish make up about 1% of the peacock bass caught — and a 20 pounder appears perhaps once in 10,000 fish caught.  But, during our 2018 Curicuriari Exploratory things were dramatically different.  Here, over 7% of all fish caught were trophies, over 3% of them exceeded 20 lbs.!  That’s 300 times more 20 pounders than normal!  It’s so out of proportion, it’s hard to compare to other places.  It’s even more than twice the percentage of what other proclaimed “big fish” rivers can report!  We’ve not seen anything like this anywhere else.

Let Acute Angling take you on the fishing trip of a lifetime!