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Mission Statement — Rio Curicuriari Giant Peacock Trip

Acute Angling’s mission in this world-record, exclusive peacock bass fishery is to provide anglers with the opportunity to catch the fish of a lifetime … and to do it in total comfort and security in this extremely remote Indian reservation.  Our base of operations here, the “Blackwater Adventurer” was first conceived to address the navigational challenges of the Rio Curicuriari.  With 90 miles of rocks and rapids in its lower reaches, it’s pretty much inaccessible with normal vessels.  So, we built our luxurious new flagship with a navigational design different from anything Acute Angling has ever built before to access this previously untouched fishery. Its super shallow-drafting barge hull will get it to the fishery through the rough stuff.  Then we use super-safe, Cessna Caravan floatplanes to deliver anglers in comfort and ease, bypassing all of the hazards and difficulties and bringing you straight into the heart of the fishery. 


Limited to pleasantly intimate 8-angler groups, all guests enjoy spacious private cabins; fully appointed with private bathrooms, hot showers and individual air-conditioners.  But it’s not just about luxury.  It’s about fishing success.  The Adventurer uses an altogether new fishing formula;  Its shallow draft ensures it can move through all of the Curicuriari’s shallowest pinch points; its mobility allows it to move quickly enough through the entire  system, ensuring that no area will receive undue fishing pressure;  The Adventurer provides the best of all worlds for the angler, ensuring a productive fishing trip.



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