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They Range from the Sublime to the Supremely Rustic

The “Sublime”  — Floating Hotel - 2019 Giant Peacock Exploratory

Our 2019 return to the Rio Curicuriari will feature more comfort than can be expected in one of the Amazon’s most remote corners.   We’re building a new operating mechanism that will let us access these challenging, navigationally difficult waters in total comfort.  Eight private, air-conditioned cabins, private bathrooms, hot showers and big, comfortable beds.  We’ll keep you posted on progress — here’s a preliminary floor plan.


Last year our 2018 Exploratory camp featured the “Supremely Rustic”
Our ground-based Safari Camp


Our Safari Tents are Huge

Peacock bass mothership dining room

… and Surprisingly Comfortable

Sometimes the only way we can get into a fishery is by air.  Then only our safari style camp will work properly.  We’re pretty good at making it comfortable.  Each tent has electricity, fans, comfortable beds and airy spaces.

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