In Pursuit of the World Record

New! Luxury Floating Hotel

In Pursuit of the World Record

Mission Statement

The Blackwater Adventurer's navigational design is different than anything Acute Angling has ever built before. We created our luxurious new flagship to access a previously untouched fishery. The Rio Curicuriari, where it was first conceived, is a navigational challenge; with 90 miles of rocks and rapids in its lower reaches, it's pretty much inaccessible with normal vessels. So, we built our new flagship on a super shallow-drafting, super tough barge hull so we could get it to the fishery through the rough stuff. Then we use super-safe, Cessna Caravan floatplanes to deliver anglers in comfort and ease, bypassing all of the hazards and difficulties and bringing you straight into the heart of the fishery.

The floatplane's capacity of 8 anglers also defined the Adventurer's design. Limited to pleasantly intimate 8-angler groups, all guests enjoy spacious private cabins; fully appointed with private bathrooms, hot showers and individual air-conditioners. And, by simply removing a divider, all cabins convert to couple's suites with king-sized beds and two of everything. But it's not just about luxury. It's about fishing success. The Adventurer uses an altogether new fishing formula; Its shallow draft ensures it gets to the fish; its mobility allows it to move to the best possible conditions, wherever they are; Transfer by floatplane means never having to leave the hotspots. The Adventurer provides the best of all worlds for the angler, ensuring a productive fishing trip.

The Blackwater Adventurer Floating Luxury Hotel
The Fishing Machine that Can Go Anywhere. Pursuing the World's Biggest Peacocks, Drawing Only 16” of Water

The Blackwater Adventurer operates in two different regions during the Amazon’s moving dry season.

The Rio Curicuriari — From late August to mid-November, the Adventurer fishes in a restricted Indian reservation, more remote than any other sportfished  Rio Negro tributary. This trip is focused on world-record sized monsters.

Rio Negro Basin — From December through March, the Adventurer moves into this giant region, focusing on a mix of size and productivity.


Vessel Type Cabins Mobility Mechanism Anglers Range Generators Dining Area
Air-Conditioned Barge with Luxury Angler’s hotel superstructure. 3 meters 
by 2 m. 2+ m. height
Towable and Pushable Barge Floatplane only access (Cessna Caravan) 8 Anglers maximum Group Size 100 miles per day Main - 40Kwa
Back-up 40 Kwa
Air-conditioned w/panoramic views
  1. Spacious and comfortable cabins with private bathrooms, hot showers and air-conditioners with individual thermostats.
  2. Big windows, river views.
  3. Big, comfortable beds with thick foam mattresses.
  4. U.S. style 110 VAC outlets in each cabin. Charge your electronics as needed.
  5. Roomy storage areas to arrange and stow your gear..
  6. Seven foot high ceilings. No ducking necessary for six-footers.
  7. Covered outdoor lounge area. Breezy and comfortable. Enjoy drinks and bragging in a waterfront ambiance.
  8. Fresh towels and linens and daily laundry service. Pack light.
  9. Open bar, cold beverages, appetizers and snacks available at all times.
  10. Gourmet meals and fine wines.
  11. Floatplane (chartered Cessna Caravan) entry and departure.
  12. Knowledgeable staff and camp hosts. Learn, share, compare and get more out of your experience.

We are the most knowledgeable and adventurous operation in the Amazon. Come and explore with us.

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Rio Curicuriari

This Season's Remaining Trips

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Trip No. Departure Area Returns Price Availability
FC-01 Aug 21, 2021 Rio Curicuriari Aug 27, 2021 $7950 5 Openings
FC-06 Sep 20, 2021 Rio Curicuriari Sep 26, 2021 $7950 2 Openings
FC-11 Oct 20, 2021 Rio Curicuriari Oct 26, 2021 $7950 5 Openings
FC-12 Oct 26, 2021 Rio Curicuriari Nov 1, 2021 $7950 8 Openings
FC-13 Nov 1, 2021 Rio Curicuriari Nov 7, 2021 $7950 8 Openings

Rio Negro Basin

This Season's Remaining Trips

Trip No. Departure Area Returns Price Availability
EA-14 Jan 4, 2021 Rio Negro Basin Jan 11, 2021 $6250 8 Openings
EA-16 Jan 18, 2021 Rio Negro Basin Jan 25, 2021 $6250 6 Openings
EA-17 Jan 25, 2021 Rio Negro Basin Feb 1, 2021 $6250 8 Openings
EA-18 Feb 1, 2021 Rio Negro Basin Feb 8, 2021 $6250 8 Openings
EA-19 Feb 8, 2021 Rio Negro Basin Feb 15, 2021 $6250 6 Openings
EA-20 Feb 15, 2021 Rio Negro Basin Feb 22, 2021 $6250 6 Openings
EA-21 Feb 22, 2021 Rio Negro Basin Mar 1, 2021 $6250 8 Openings

Next Season's Trips

Trip No. Departure Area Returns Price Availability
FA-01 Nov 16, 2021 Rio Negro Basin Nov 23, 2021 $6250 8 Openings
FA-02 Nov 23, 2021 Rio Negro Basin Nov 30, 2021 $6250 8 Openings
FA-03 Nov 30, 2021 Rio Negro Basin Dec 7, 2021 $6250 8 Openings
FA-04 Dec 7, 2021 Rio Negro Basin Dec 14, 2021 $6250 8 Openings
FA-05 Dec 14, 2021 Rio Negro Basin Dec 21, 2021 $6250 8 Openings
FA-06 Dec 21, 2021 Rio Negro Basin Dec 28, 2021 $6250 8 Openings
FA-07 Dec 28, 2021 Rio Negro Basin Jan 4, 2022 $6250 8 Openings
FA-08 Jan 4, 2022 Rio Negro Basin Jan 11, 2022 $6250 6 Openings
FA-09 Jan 11, 2022 Rio Negro Basin Jan 18, 2022 $6250 8 Openings
FA-10 Jan 18, 2022 Rio Negro Basin Jan 25, 2022 $6250 8 Openings
FA-11 Jan 25, 2022 Rio Negro Basin Feb 1, 2022 $6250 8 Openings
FA-15 Feb 22, 2022 Rio Negro Basin Mar 1, 2022 $6250 4 Openings
FA-16 Mar 1, 2022 Rio Negro Basin Mar 8, 2022 $6250 8 Openings
FA-17 Mar 8, 2022 Rio Negro Basin Mar 15, 2022 $6250 8 Openings

*Note — Dates not shown are full.

The Fishing - Incomparable

Simply put, it’s extraordinary!

This is the trip for the angler who is in pursuit of the holy grail — the 20 lb. peacock bass. In overall Amazon fishing, trophy-sized fish make up about 1% of the peacock bass caught — and a 20 pounder appears perhaps once in 10,000 fish caught. But, during our 2018 Curicuriari Exploratory things were dramatically different. Here, over 7% of all fish caught were trophies, over 3% of them exceeded 20 lbs.! That’s 300 times more 20 pounders than normal! It’s so out of proportion, it’s hard to compare to other places. It’s even more than twice the percentage of what other proclaimed “big fish” rivers can report! We’ve not seen anything like this anywhere else.

peacock bass trophy
The Percentage of big fish here is extraordinary!
The Blackwater Explorer Yacht on an Amazon Peacock Bass fishing trip.
10 pound butterfly! This is not a numbers fishery — but even the preponderant butterfly peacocks here are huge
Giant Amazon Peacock Bass on the Curicuriari
Another giant peacock bass caught on the Rio Curicuriari.


Our luxurious new floating hotel, is different than anything Acute Angling has ever built before. We designed it to access a previously untouched river with 90 miles of rocks and rapids in its lower reaches; pretty much inaccessible with normal vessels. So, our new flagship features a super shallow-drafting barge hull, letting it make its way to the fishery through the rough stuff. Limited to pleasantly intimate 8-angler groups, all guests enjoy spacious private cabins; fully appointed with private bathrooms, hot showers and individual air-conditioners. And, by simply removing a divider, cabins can convert to couple's suites with king-sized beds and two of everything. But it’s not just about luxury. It’s about fishing success. The Adventurer uses an altogether new fishing formula; Its shallow draft ensures it gets to the fish; its mobility allows it to reach the best possible conditions, wherever they are; Transfer by floatplane means never having to leave the hotspots. The Adventurer provides the best possible combination of features, ensuring a productive fishing trip in first-class accommodations.

Comfortable, full-size beds with fresh linens provide a great night's sleep for hard-fishing anglers. Adjustable thermostats let you set your preferred cabin temperature. Each cabin has U.S. style 110V outlets making charging all of your devices quick, simple and easy.

The cabins are roomy with high ceilings, big windows and plenty of storage space that lets you keep your gear close at hand without cluttering your living space. You'll be amazed at the relaxing home away from home you’ll find in the midst of the Amazon jungle.

Jungle Luxury — The vessel may be brand new, but we've been operating in the Amazon's most remote areas since for 2 and 1/2 decades. Our long experience has taught us how to do it right and as a result, our operations been honed over time. So, this is not your basic fishing trip; we have honed our operation to the point where the level of comfort and convenience challenges that of many renowned resort facilities! Your responsibility on our fishing trip is to fish, eat, drink, sleep and relax in the very heart of the world's most beautiful wilderness. We do absolutely everything else!


The Blackwater Adventurer takes Amazon luxury a step above angler's expectations. That demands that we provide meals at the same high level. Along with our floating hotel's first-class accommodations, our professional chefs, our fully-equipped kitchen and the gourmet meals it provides make sure that we alive up to that standard. Sure, you're a fisherman and you'd be happy surviving on beer and potato chips if that was all you could get on an Amazon peacock bass fishing trip - but that's not what you'll experience on the Blackwater Adventurer. We don't pretend to offer a dieting experience, because no one leaves lighter than when they came.

Delicious meals served on the Adventurer. Our Chef, his assitant and our trained bartender.
Our kitchen and kitchen staff.

Trip Features

More Than Just Awesome Fishing

The Amazon basin is the world's largest primeval wilderness. Not only is it home to the world's fiercest fighting fish, but it is a place of incomparable beauty, enduring mystery and incomprehensible contradictions. No visit here is complete without an opportunity to witness some of the Amazon's above-water wonders. On the Blackwater Adventurer, you'll be given every opportunity to see, feel and be part of this spectacular place.

Visit an Amazon Village

An Amazon villiage encountered on our peacock bass fishing trips.
Many small, simple villages are scattered throughout the region the Blackwater Explorer visits. Whether Indians or "Caboclos", indigenous Amazonian peoples live a unique riverine life style here. It is our privilege and pleasure to visit these villages, dependent on our location, interact with their people and gain an understanding of a culture usually invisible to temperate zone dwellers.

Amazon Seminars

peacock bass seminar
Paul Reiss, PhD in Neotropical Ichthyology, when present, gives seminar as do various of our hosts on the Peacock Bass and other Amazon fish species and wildlife. Attend after dinner lectures and learn the basic facts about the Amazon, how it came to be and the nature of its wildlife. For those anglers interested in in-depth analysis of the remarkable peacock bass, scientific seminars detailing its life history and behavior are available.


redtail catfish
The Amazon is home to big, powertail redtail catfish, sleek, fast suribim and several other species of giant catfish. Take an afternoon or evening to try your hand at these beasts. Everything is calm and relaxed until your line starts whizzing into the sunset. Then the battle is on!

Brazilian Barbecue

Peacock bass fishing trip barbeque offering - churrasco
Our outdoor grill on the Explorer's upper deck is the site of a delicious, traditional Brazilian barbecue. Celebrate a great week of fishing and the trip of a lifetime with a food feast, Brazilian style. Grilled steak, chicken and sausage together with a traditional "feijoada" provides the finishing touch to your Amazon experience.

Delicious Shore Lunch

Enjoying a peacock bass fishing shore barbecue
Nothing beats grilled fish fresh out of the water. Our guides can turn your morning's extra catch into a delicious shore lunch, barbecued on the spot, Amazonian style. Sit back, relax and enjoy the experience.

Hike in the Rainforest

A group taking an Amazon jungle hike after fishing for peacock bass
Get your feet on the ground and take a hike in the jungle. Visit the odd riverside "igapo" and hike in to see the sights in the renowned "terra firme" primary forest.

Angler Services


All of our Peacock Bass Fishing Trips offer full Laundry services

No need to pack an extensive wardrobe. Our washer and dryer equipped laundry means your clothes are washed, dried, folded and delivered to your cabin, daily - rain or shine.  Three changes of clothing are plenty.

Our washer and dryer equipped laundry


Our shortwave radio available for use on your fishing trip

The Blackwater Adventurer is equipped with a complete array of telecommunications and electronics gear, including; Iridium Satellite telephone; shortwave radio; chart plotter; depth finder and VHF marine radio. Each fishing boat is equipped with a Garmin ‘InReach’ satellite tracker and emergency contact system.

Our Satellite Telephone to stay in touch while fishing in the Amazon

Satellite telephone service is available for client use at $5.00 / minute and is available for emergency use at all times at no charge.

Our Iridium Satellite Phone

Free Fishing Tackle Use

peacock bass fishing tackle

No need to bring your own. Leave the clunky rod tubes home. Blackwater Adventurer guests are provided with free use of our extensive stock of top quality fishing tackle. We are proud to offer Loomis and Okuma rods and Shimano reels.

Fishing Instruction

peacock bass fishing lessons

Novice angler? Never fished never fished in the Amazon? Not sure how to proceed? Our expert guides are more than happy to provide fishing instruction, including casting, lure selection, even fly fishing lessons. Just ask.

Dietary Accommodation

Beyond the high quality of our delicious meals, our staff is fully prepared to provide dietary accommodations as necessary. We can serve a full range of meals for persons with a variety of food allergies or special dietary requirements.


Your cabins are maintained daily. Our staff makes beds, cleans cabins and sanitizes bathrooms. You'll return after a full day of fishing to a clean, comfortable and fresh smelling cabin. Our staff is 100% dependable and theft NEVER occurs.

CPAP Machines

Each cabin is provided with 110 VAC power available whenever you are in your cabin, all night long. Not only can you run your support machine, but you can also recharge batteries for cameras and other portable appliances.

Boats and Guides

Specialized Blackwater Adventurer Fishing Boats
The Blackwater Adventurer uses, 18-foot welded aluminum bass boats.

The Blackwater Adventurer uses, 18-foot welded aluminum bass boats. Custom made for our use, these fast and efficient boats are built to take hard work and keep anglers comfortable while accessing even the most hidden lagoons. Two stable fishing platforms provide solid footing and casting access for even the largest anglers. The comfortable padded seats can be pedestal mounted or anglers can fish standing, as per their preference. Don't be hornswoggled by the lure of big, fancy bass boats offered by some operators. They just aren't right for this purpose. Our boats can pass through the narrowest of lagoon openings, passing over underwater debris or under overhanging logs with ease. We handle the most challenging obstacles, letting us fish waters that others have to pass by.

Equipped with meticulously maintained 40 hp Yamaha outboards and 45 lb. thrust Motorguide trolling motors, anglers are perfectly positioned to catch their Amazon trophies. Guides are equipped with Boga-grips, fishing tools and landing nets. A cooler with food and drinks of your choice provides the fuel that busy anglers need. Each boat carries a Garmin ‘InReach’ satellite tracker and communicator in case assistance is needed.

Glade Eder
Pingo Sapo
Our Guides: clockwise -Glade, Eder, Sapo & Pingo

Our Blackwater Adventurer guides are consummate professionals. They are all Amazonian natives, so they have life-long knowledge of the rivers, the environment and the fish" but more importantly, they are all superb anglers and boast from 15 to 25 years of guiding experience. They have boat handling skills and river savvy that are unmatchable by outsiders and they know exactly where to find the fish and how to go after them. They will tie on your lures, tell you where to cast, help you learn Amazon tactics and techniques and simply ensure that you have a fishing experience beyond your expectations.

Safety and Comfort - Our Prime Considerations

Waterproof Compartments

The Blackwater Adventurer is all wood, built to withstand the rigors of long travel and heavy use in Amazon waters. With its dense, itauba wood displacement style hull, the Adventurer can safely navigate the sandbars and shallow obstructions characteristic of Amazon waters. Divided into three independent compartments by waterproof bulkheads, the Adventurer is one of the safest and most stable vessels you'll ever travel on.

Satellite Trackers

All of our fishing boats are equipped with satellite messaging and Garmin ‘InReach’ GPS tracking devices. If an emergency arises, we’re ready to handle it immediately. We know where you are and what your status is all the time.

Garmin InReach GPS tracking device


Life jackets for use on our peacock bass fishing trips


Quiet and dependable electricity is provided by our two powerful diesel generators. These efficient, cabinet enclosed machines provide silent energy for our freezers, refrigerators, lights, fans, pumps and air-conditioners. Each cabin has 110 VAC outlets available for charging camera and video batteries or operating a CPAP machine.

Sanitary Systems

Acute Angling is committed to conserving the Amazon's purity as well as ensuring our guest's comfort. So we've taken steps to ensure that our vessel is not only trimmed in green, but is "green" in every ecological sense of the word. The Adventurer does not release effluents into Amazon waters. Two 4000 liter holding tanks ensure that all waste water can be sanitarily disposed of between angling groups. Not only does this keep the river clean, but it ensures that the Adventurer's immediate environs are clean and pure for bathing and swimming as well.

Water Health

To further ensure our guests comfort, the Adventurer has no water storage tanks, where undesired impurities can collect. The Adventurer's shower and tap water is drawn "on demand", from the world's purest waters.

Further, the Adventurer uses only bottled mineral water for all cooking and drinking purposes. Even our ice is made from bottled water. That helps make us the healthiest boat in the Amazon.

Rio CuriCuri Trip Description

Late August through mid-November · World-Record Peacock Bass

We probe the Amazon's last frontier for the biggest of all peacocks in an exclusive Indian reservation on a river with secrets yet to be discovered. This trip is all about giant fish. A high flood-plain river in an exclusive Indian reserve, it's the Rio Negro basin's best protected giant peacock bass tributary.

Although numbers of fish caught here are low, this trip delivers over 5 x as many 20lb. fish/week as any other trip.

The protected Rio Curicuriari holds a higher percentage of giant peacock bass than any other river in the Amazon. We've already proven that it's a world record fishery (with a new IGFA length record). It's also an extremely distant and remote region, creating significant logistical challenges, thus, anglers will arrive on the river directly via a Cessna Caravan floatplane flight.

Single Occupancy Trip Configuration - Space is limited to 8 anglers per group, private cabins or king-sized couple's suites. This trip fills up well in advance, so make your plans early!

The Blackwater Adventurer Yacht
Rio Curicuriari Paca Peacock Bass Another Paca Rio Curicuriari Peacock Bass Trophy Art holds up his Giant Peacock Brent's Impressive Trophy Peacock Bass

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Rio Negro Trip Description

Mid November through March · Plentiful Peacock Bass · Intimate Group Size

The Blackwater Adventurer moves into the enormous Rio Negro basin. We roam the Amazon's biggest fishery providing a mix of big fish, constant action and great fun. Simply the best fishing value in the Amazon. With hundreds of miles of complex, island-dotted archipelagos and dozens of fish-laden tributaries, this is the world's largest peacock bass fishery - and we can make use of all of it. Our shallow-drafting barge-hulled vessel lets us go anywhere, even where others can't.

This trip is focused on a mix of size and productivity - Trophy size peacocks (well into the 20 lb. class) are found in the Rio Negro basin. If you want luxury, lots of action and excellent access to big trophies, this is the trip for you. Good daily catch averages (from 15 - 40 or more a day). Trophy fish in the high teens and up to over 20 lbs. are taken here.

Single Occupancy Trip Configuration - Space is limited to an intimate 8 angler group size, floatplane only access, luxurious private cabins or king-sized couple's suites.

Peacock Bass caught on the Rio Negro

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Trip Packages

Individual Bookings - The Blackwater Adventurer accepts bookings from individual anglers on most scheduled dates. It is not necessary to book with a partner. Individuals may book alone at our regular pricing and be assigned a fishing partner or they may reserve a private boat at an additional charge.

Pairs and small groups - Pairs may book together and share a boat and guide. Couples may request our king-sized couple's suite. Normal pricing includes all fishing and services, food, drink, transfers and double occupancy accommodations. Small groups are welcome on any of our open dates.

Group packages - Groups of 8 anglers may reserve an exclusive week on the the Blackwater Adventurer at our normal pricing. Please call well in advance of your desired date to ensure availability.

Short trips - Short trips can be arranged at certain times during our fishing season. Please call for availability and details.

No matter how you structure your trip, the Blackwater Adventurer provides the highest quality in fishing trips, service, food and drink. No wonder we're the best peacock bass fishing trip in the Amazon